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CNC Set Up Technician

Location: Plymouth, Michigan
Date Posted: 10-18-2017
POSITION SUMMARY:     Set Up Technician
Possess the ability to set up and operate all machines and production jobs as required to produce high quality parts.  Give direction to operators and trainees.  Must effectively communicate between departments or personnel for prompt problem resolution. Must also be self motivated and proactive in dealing with personnel and manufacturing issues.
  • Get to work before the operators.  Get a line up from last shift.  Start up machines that are turned off.  Warm up spindles.  Check the gages to the masters.  Make sure that the machines are ready to run.
  • Show the operators how to run the jobs.
  1. What parts they are running (what the raw and finished material looks like).
  2. Proper way to load and unload the part.
  3. Proper use of inspection equipment and how to take care of it.
  4. Proper use of SPC charts (where applicable).
  5. What a good and dull tool looks like (how to tell when it is chipped, broken or worn).
  6. Where quality is located and who the inspectors are.
  7. The production per hour and per day that is expected of them.
  8. Explain the safety rules of the shop.
  9. Explain the clean up procedures.
  • Make sure that operators are getting their production and are using their gages.                                                                  
  • Change tooling for operators when needed.                                                       
  • Set up jobs to the approved process and get Quality’s approval before running.
  • Assure that the approved process is in place at the machine for the operators.                
  • Run a few parts to be sure that the set up is ok.                               
  • Turn the cycle times in to engineering and post them on the machine.                                                                      
  • Make sure that parts are at the machine for the operator to run.                   
  • Pick up old fixtures, gages, scrap and good parts and take them where they belong and tag them if necessary.     
  • Check on the operator to be sure that he is doing the job just the way that you showed him.    
  • Go back and check on the set up to be sure that everything is running well.  If it has not, correct it.                                              
  • Maintain cleanliness, good housekeeping, of area/cells and hold employees accountable for these tasks.
  • Follow general safety rules, procedures and regulations.
  • Perform Special Assignments as delegated.
Minimum of 3 years CNC Set Up experience                 
High School Diploma or equivalent
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