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Electronic Design R & D Engineer    

Location: Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Date Posted: 11-28-2017
Job Title:                  Electronic Design R & D Engineer                                         Job Grade:      
FLSA:                         Exempt                                                                                       Job Code:        
Exempt Status:       Professional                                                                               Function:          ENG
Basic Function:  Research and Development Engineering comprises the investigation, evaluation and potential application to product development, requiring broad technical engineering knowledge.
Under limited direction, perform a variety of complex engineering assignments requiring in-depth knowledge of a specific engineering discipline plus an understanding of related disciplines to cost effectively achieve objectives.  Assignments typically require the use of advanced and innovative techniques. Proactively seek and implement initiatives to improve operations and increase customer satisfaction.
Typical duties/responsibilities for engineering may include, but are not limited to, the following:
Design, analyze, and evaluate systems, products or components, requiring a high degree of technical expertise.
Design and develop complex models or simulations and apply advanced computer programs, analytical techniques or control strategies to effectively meet requirements and resolve problems.
Act as principal investigator or lead a group of engineers in investigating problems, developing solutions and
preparing related recommendations and reports.
Conduct economic studies and prepare or lead the preparation of specifications, proposals for contracts licensing and safety documents, and obtain required approvals.
Represent the group in meetings and conferences; interact with customers to resolve significant technical issues and develop related action plans.
Complexity of Tasks:  Requires thorough knowledge of a specific engineering discipline plus an understanding of related disciplines to coordinate activities, analyze and resolve problems crossing disciplines and to develop new concepts for programs.  Technical input, recommendations and decisions may impact the organization's effectiveness and customer relations. Requires ability to interface effectively, internally and with customers.
Job Responsibilities
  • Development of analog and digital hardware boards/solutions from inception through to production release/sustaining. 
  • Research, investigate and define new areas of technology to enhance existing products or to provide new product direction.
  • Re-evaluate and tune the design and implementation of current products.
  • Work closely with firmware developers during development and post production stage
  • Interface with component suppliers to evaluate components and vendor strategy.
  • Involved in multiple projects running concurrently.
Job Requirements
  • 5 to 8 Years of experience
  • Embedded hardware development experience with embedded microprocessor/microcontroller design and development
  • Ability to write embedded software for microcontrollers
  • Hardware design from concept through to production including component selection, test, prototype build and debug, regulatory and certification approvals, production integration and ongoing support.
  • Hands on hardware development experience – analog and digital and electromechanical devices.
  • Experienced with CAD tools for schematic capture, simulation and layout.
  • Experience with Agile development process 
  • Oil and Gas industry experience a plus.
  • Familiarity with Flow Computers and Gas Chromatographs a plus.
  • Experience working closely with multi-functional team (production, production test, customer support, supply chain, …)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with ability to produce clear and concise technical documentation.
Job Experience
  • Hardware Design Tools
    • Bench power supplies, DMM’s, Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Signal Generators, EMI Test Equipment, Frequency counters, Soldering irons, Soldering stations (thru-hole and SMT)
  • Hardware CAE
    • Schematic capture and PCB layout  using one or more of: Pads, PCAD, OrCAD, Altium, Cadence, Allegro 
    • Analog circuit simulation using SPICE or equivalent
    • Digital design using Hardware Description Language and one or more of: Verilog, VHDL, Synplify synthesis, Behavioral modeling, RTL modeling
  • Embedded Firmware
    • Familiar with “C”, “C++”, Assembler, RTOS
    • Microcontroller/Processor development environments using  JTAG, Emulators, Debuggers
  • Digital Design
    • Discrete design using logic gates in multiple families including: CMOS, HCMOS and other 5Vbipolar families and 3.3V, 2.5V and 1.8V CMOS families.
    • Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Digital Signal Processors, RISC, ARM, 8051, Microchip PIC 
    • PLD and FPGA design using Lattice, Xilinx, Altera, Actel. SoC design using soft and hard core processors: ARM Cortex, Core8051, uCore
    • Digital processing understanding state machine design, multiple clock domains, skew and propagation delay, metastability, synchronous design techniques, fixed and floating point design, pipelining
    • Digital filters including FIR, IIR, multi-rate, decimation, interpolation, adaptive filters
    • Digital to Analog Conversion using DACs, PWM
    • Interface circuit design from a digital-to-analog conversion, through various linear circuits (amplifiers, filters, switches…) to analog devices with attention to signal level, noise, drift and accuracy.
  • Analog Design
    • Discrete level design of switching and linear circuits using transistors (BJT and FET), resistors, capacitors, thyristors, [BMB6] 
    • Linear amplifiers at the chip level using  Op-amps, Instrumentation amplifiers, differential amplifiers, Integrators, Differentiators, Summers
    • PWM techniques for power conversion
    • Analog to Digital Converters such as SAR, Sigma-Delta, Delta-Sigma, Comparator
    • Analog filters using switched capacitor techniques, linear amplifiers and RLC
    • Impedance matching and conversion and network analysis
    • Interface circuit design from analog sensors, through various linear circuits (amplifiers, filters, switches…) to analog-to-digital conversion with attention to signal level, noise, drift and accuracy.
  • Electromechanical Devices and Sensors
  • Electromagnetic Emission/ Susceptibility  Control
    • Ferrites, Feedthrough Filters, Transient Suppressors
    • EMC Gasket Material
    • Use of EMC Compliance Equipment
Qualifications:  Bachelor's Degree in an engineering or related field plus 5 to 8 years of experience; alternatively, a special combination of education and experience and/or demonstrated accomplishments.

Max of 15 years. Junior level engineers are preferred.
If no experience,  ]must be willing to learn and participate. Includes working in and learning a defined development process that requires peer reviews and multiple technical artifacts during the development process.
If no experience, must be willing to learn and follow group policies.
Must have at least one of these.
]Some or all of these required
]Have experience in one or more and understand all
]Some experience and understand all
Some experience and understand all
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