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Material Manager

Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan
Date Posted: 01-09-2018
The basic function of overstock is to take in all leftover material from jobs and get it used on new jobs coming up so we don’t buy things we already have. It is a position on the floor but we have a desk and computer set up in the area as the job entails 50%/50% split on dealing with physical parts and computer work for almost all tasks. Below are the 2 main tasks and what would be required/desired skills.
Daily Tasks
>Leftover material sent to overstock<
When a job is completed manufacturing will take all the leftover parts and pile them on a pallet and send them to us. This will range from little $10 brackets up to 5’ tall robot risers, it just depends on what is leftover. This person would have to go through the items and make a list of every part there and their quantities. They would then use that list to look up the items in Microsoft AX and determine if we should keep them or not and do some transactions in AX to reflect putting them into inventory.
>Pulling material to go to new jobs<
Every day the person would go in Microsoft AX to look at a queue that another employee populates. The queue shows parts that need to be pulled out of our area that day and sent to jobs being built at our various buildings. From that queue the person would print out a tag that lists the item they need to pull out, what bin in our area it is currently located, how many to pull out and which building to have it sent to. They would take those parts and organize them in Ziploc bags, boxes or pallets depending on size, stick the tag on the packaging and then take the packaging to the shipping and receiving area.
  • Lifting up to 40 pounds will be needed sometimes to either look at manufacturer numbers stamped on an item or move items around
  • Hilo driving will be needed sometimes which we will train for
  • Experience with Microsoft Office applications especially Excel is really preferred
  • Past experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX would be nice but not required. We can do the training for the role
  • Past experience with items we use on our jobs is preferred as that makes it easier for the person to identify manufacturer numbers and if it’s a common item we would use
  • Organization is essential as sometimes we will receive up to 500 various items just piled on the pallets. So keeping track of the items as they are going through them and making neat and accurate lists is important.
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