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Project Manager

Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan
Date Posted: 09-14-2016
Mission Statement:
The Project Manager, with the support of project team, is responsible for successful execution/delivery of assigned project(s) on-time, within budget, as per the Contract Agreement, within the quality & safety framework.

Main Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

Project Planning and Scheduling:
  • Plans, monitors and controls project activities, proactively to maximize cash flow.
  • Understands critical path scheduling and assures a minimum, but sufficient project float.
  • Actively strives to optimize overall resource planning and utilization considering resources within the local organization.
  • Assures a valid Project Safety plan is in place.
  • Considers close out activities and influences project for an early close out.
  • Identifies and shares lessons learned.
Customer Satisfaction Management in Projects:
  • Assures  commitments to customer are met, in accordance with contract.
  • Assures and seeks to improve customer satisfaction and feedback through consistent customer interaction (e.g. Communication, phone, e-mail, etc.) and Customer meetings (kick off, review, etc.).
  • Works proactively to set customer expectations to assure a smooth project including acceptance of project deliveries and timely payment, even under challenging circumstances.
  • Encourages openness & respect, and builds trust, confidence & loyalty with customers and partners.
  • Promotes a healthy work-life balance within the project team.
Project Financial and Cost Management:
  • Understands and utilizes Corporate Full Cost Calculation Model and different revenue recognition methods.
  • Understands project exposure.
  • Controls project cost and cash flow.
  • Influences project expenditures to maximize cash flow.
Legal and Contract Management for Projects:
  • Understands the standard terms and conditions and the impact upon contracts of differing and/or additionally accepted terms and conditions.
  • Understands project specific accepted terms and conditions and their application to project contracts, including awareness of risks of negative impact on margin, performance and risk factors.
  • Utilizes contract terms and conditions to maximize cash-flow, margin and to limit liabilities (e.g. insurance).
Project Reporting:
  • Forthrightly presents an account of project status/issues in project reviews.
  • Reports status/progress to customer and other stake holders with appropriate detail for desired understanding (e.g. to assure payment, set expectation, etc).
  • Raises potential project issues to relevant stake holders.
  • Effectively reports project progress or other situations either verbally or in writing to assure desired understanding.
Scope and Change Management for Projects:
  • Utilizes negotiation skills for scope and change management.
  • Monitors scope including the possible overall impact of what may seem to be minor changes.
  • Negotiates change orders and additional sales.
  • Actively pursues desired changes in order to obtain additional sales, increase margin and to lower risk exposure.
Project Risk and Opportunity Management:
  • Understands risks and what may be causing a change in risk exposure and actions to avoid/mitigate.
  • Understands opportunities and how to take advantage of them.
  • Identifies and mitigates risks associated with important aspects such as Health and Safety.
  • Proactively pursues decided upon mitigation efforts for identified risks.
  • Identifies and acts upon new risks and opportunities as they occur.
  • Assures avoidance/mitigation of liquidated damages and other penalties/claims.
Procurement Management for Projects:
  • Work actively with a number of suppliers to obtain overall best possible purchase, in cooperation with the supply management function.
  • Coordinates/directs project transportation and logistics.
  • Reviews status of critical suppliers’ progress and include in overall schedule.
  • Initiates 3rd party inspections as required.
  • Ensures the proper application of supplier qualification process.
  • Project Complexity points 200 – 350 points using Project Complexity Calculator.
  • Technical complexity
  • Geographical complexity
  • Commercial complexity
  • Project Revenue
  • Project Team and Organization
  • Direct
  • Indirect
  •  Certified Project Manager or Certified Project Manager.
  • Ability to work with projects of different size, complexity and contractual types.
Knowledge, Skills and Experience:
Basic Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s Degree and 8 years of experience managing projects or Associate’s Degree and 10 years of experience managing projects or High School Diploma and 12 years of experience managing projects.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • PMP® certification from Project Management Institute  or certified by major competitor as Project Manager or IPMA Level C/D certification recommended if recruited from an external organization.
  • People related skills:
  • Upholds ethics and values; Demonstrates integrity; Promotes and defends equal opportunities, builds diverse teams; Encourages organizational and individual responsibility towards the community and the environment.
  • Demonstrates an interest in and understanding of others; Adapts to the team and builds team spirit; Recognizes and rewards the contribution of others; Listens, consults others and communicates proactively; Supports and cares for others; Develops and openly communicates self-insight.
  • Provides clear direction; Sets appropriate standards of behavior; Delegates work appropriately and fairly; Motivates and empowers others; Provides staff with development opportunities and coaching; Recruits staff of a high caliber.
  • Establishes good relationships with customers and staff; Builds wide and effective networks of contacts inside and outside the organization; Relates well to people at all levels; Uses humor appropriately to enhance relationships with others.
  • Makes a strong personal impression on others; Gains clear agreement and commitment from others by persuading, convincing and negotiating; Promotes ideas on behalf of self or others; Manages conflict; Makes effective use of political processes to influence and persuade others.
  • Information related skills:
  • Analyses numerical & verbal data and all other sources of information; Breaks information into component parts, patterns and relationships; Probes for further information or greater understanding of a problem; Makes rational judgements from the available information and analysis; Produces workable solutions to a range of problems; Demonstrates an understanding of how one issue may be a part of a much larger system.
  • Speaks clearly and fluently; Expresses opinions, information and key points of an argument clearly; Makes presentations and undertakes public speaking with skill and confidence; Responds quickly to the needs of an audience and to their reactions and feedback; Projects credibility.
  • Writes clearly, succinctly and correctly; Writes convincingly in an engaging and expressive manner; Avoids the unnecessary use of jargon or complicated language; Writes in a well-structured and logical way; Structures information to meet the needs and understanding of the intended audience.
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