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Project Manager

Auburn Hills, Michigan
Power Train division is looking for an experienced Site Manager to lead the construction phase of retool projects in North America. The North America headquarters.

The Site Manager (SM) is located at customer project sites throughout the construction and installation phase of the project. During projects, the SM reports organizationally to the Installation Manager who provides general direction and support, and functionally to the Project Manager (PM), who will provide project-specific direction. The SM has the lead role for  at the construction site.


The Site Manager is  leader on the construction site and represents  to contractors, customers, suppliers and the local community. This includes making decisions and giving direction, while exercising discretion and good judgment. With high-impact issues, the SM will make collaborative decisions with the PM or other members of the project team.


Leadership – Responsible for establishing and maintaining a site culture in which all participants understand and support the expectations for the project and cooperate to achieve its success. This requires effectively communicating expected outcomes, standards for work and behavior and providing corrective direction when departures from those expectations occur.

Management – Responsible for managing project construction including:

 Schedule Management – Managing productivity and other relevant factors to ensure that construction is executed and completed within the bounds of the project.

 Cost Management – Managing construction costs within project budget and profit margins.

 Quality Management – Managing adherence of construction products to drawings, specifications, standards and quality requirements.

 Environmental, Health & Safety Management – Promoting a safety culture; Managing for safe practices to ensure safety of personnel on site and meeting all health, safety and environmental requirements of , the customer and regulatory agencies.


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