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Senior Project / Mechanical Design Engineer

Macomb County, Michigan
For this position, the primary duty is to design mechanical frames, assemblies, and details for special test and assembly machines. The designer will be given a specification for a machine and its purpose. Working with other engineering departments (controls and software primarily), the mechanical design engineer will produce a bill of mechanical materials and a complete drawing set for that machine.
-- be responsible for the design and commissioning of mechanical assemblies and subsystems for special test and assembly machines.
-- evaluate and choose mechanical components as requested by a customer and as appropriate for specific machine designs
-- design and detail tooling, frames, and weldments using raw materials as a source (tool steel, aluminum, etc.)
-- design mechanical assemblies that incorporate purchased components such as air cylinders, proximity switches, rails and bearings, spindles and motors, and other commercial off-the-shelf elements
-- produce detail drawings that permit the machine’s necessary components to be purchased and raw materials to be machined and assembled
-- update all drawings and schematics as red-line changes become necessary during the commissioning and debug phases of a machine
-- assist in the commissioning and debug of machines
-- learn new assembly processes (using pre-prepared documentation) and design mechanical assemblies and details to accomplish these processes to the customer’s satisfaction.
-- work closely with other engineers to solve machine design and debug problems (including non-mechanical issues).

-- mastery of Autodesk Inventor (w/Vault) required
-- proficiency in the usage of 2D AutoCAD also required
-- experience with powertrain assembly
-- mastery of typical Office applications (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.).
-- strong technical and hands-on debug skills.
-- practical working knowledge of components such as air / hydraulic cylinders, robots, gaging systems, instrumentation, and machine sensors

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