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Electrical Engineer

Cleveland, Ohio
In support of waste water and power industry plant applications, demonstrate knowledge of comprehending system and equipment electrical schematics/elementary control diagrams and wiring diagrams to support multi-system integration including the interconnection to distributed control systems and programmable logic controllers. Equipment to include but not limited to motor control centers, switch gear, variable frequency drive control panels, motors, valve actuators, instrumentation (e.g. pressure/level/temp. transmitters, RTDs, etc.), local control panels, and distributed control systems. Demonstrate knowledge of creating ISA 54 standard loop drawings incorporating the aforementioned equipment on a subsystem level basis (e.g. variable frequency drive connected to a 400 HP motor, driving a flushing water pump for a waste water treatment plant). Apply electrical logic principles of integration with fail safe states, normally open contacts, normally closed contacts and failed in position states for properly integrating various systems and equipment devices. Demonstrate sound, competent verbal skills and writing skills to identify and communicate design confirmation statements, anomalies/discrepancies and queries in support of performing electrical integration and ISA loop drawing tasks.
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