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Radiological Safety Officer

Westerville, Ohio
United States Radiological Operations Center (ROC) primary task is to provide direct radiation safety and compliance support to the Industrial Automation Process Industries (IAPI) Business line in support of the Quality Control Systems (QCS) business.  Specifically, with regard to the licensing and permitting, device approval, distribution, and Lifecyle Service support (inspections, maintenance, disposition, etc.) of radiological devices included in the QCS portfolio.  This includes devices which utilize radioactive materials, x-rays, and lasers for a variety of measurements.   In addition, the ROC has traditionally provided support the QCS Manufacturing (currently operating in Shanghai, China), to  local business lines requiring radiological support, and to all other U.S. sites and businesses with radiological support or consultation needs.
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) – This is the individual listed on all licenses and registrations with direct responsibility for ensuring the radiation safety program is adequate, maintained, and followed.  The RSO must have a very high level of knowledge on radiation safety and compliance specifically around industrial gauging, the isotopes used in  systems, General License distribution from international manufacturing, radiological services, shipping of radioactive materials, source disposal and recycling, reciprocity approvals and Sealed Source and Device Registrations.  The RSO is responsible for all associated policies and procedures, managing any emergency situations, interactions with regulators, oversight of other ROC staff, and auditing of the program to ensure compliance.
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