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Proposal Lead Process Engineer

Sterling Heights, Michigan
Evaluates customers’ products and specifications and develops a manufacturing plan to produce these products according to the customers needs. Proposal Lead Process Engineer is responsible for all process. Other team member assigned are only for supporting the completion of deliverables due to timing of the proposal due date. The Proposal Lead Process Engineer will be responsible for all deliverables. Proposal Stage (Prior to an awarded contract) Read entire customer specification and document process level requirements in a standard quote tracking matrix. List proposal deliverables in the standard quote tracking matrix. Understand product build requirements. Generate rough sketch(s) of system. Review with Supervisor and or Proposal team leader prior to proceeding with a detailed solution. Create Q&A document for open customer issues and send to customer. Generate Process Deck including: • Detailed layout • Cycle time charts • Part Flow • Detailed Content • Notes in process deck related to assumptions and open issues Generate meeting in outlook calendar for a hand off meeting • Invite Controls Estimator • Invite Mechanical Estimator • Agenda o Review quote tracking matrix for overall job scope of work o Review Process Deck o Review open issues / assumption o Review at least one station of detailed content • Distribute hard copies of process decks and layouts Generate quote letter • Review issues not answered in the Q&A document as well as  issues brought up by the team and add to the letter • Obtain project timing from the project management team assigned • Installation Supervision, Commissioning, and Support information from project team • Coordinate with estimating team to ensure terms and conditions are outlined in detail. Generate all other deliverables required by the customer in the RFQ package that pertain directly to the process portion of the proposal. • Coordinate and ensure all other customer specific deliverables are completed by other team members and filed properly into the submitted quote documents folder. • Attend quote review • Create the proposal books and or digital files for delivery to the customer Process Stage (After Award ) Read entire customer specification List process deliverables in the standard tracking matrix per  and Customer specification Coordinate with PM / PE responsibilities for deliverables that are unique to the customer specification Obtain location of downloaded part files from PE Create folder structure of deliverables in network specific to the process group under the project management folder structure Generate & Maintain the below items through the life of the program: • Cycle time charts (Customer format overrides  standard format) • Ergonomic studies (Customer format overrides  standard format) • Part Flow documentation (Customer format overrides  standard format) • Possible other items unique to the customer specification that are assigned to the process engineer Generate the below items and hand off to engineering once they are stabilized with the customer and project team: • Create System Layout to a point that the process is captured and the overall layout fits in a specified customer location. Once Feasibility is determined the layout is to be handed off to CAD Services Department for detailing and maintenance. • Identify PLP scheme in geo stations. These are to be coordinated with the customer by the project team. At the beginning of design, the project team will hand these documents off to the mechanical design team with assistance from the process engineer. The mechanical Design team will then coordinate sign off documentation for the locating scheme. • System Content will be updated at the end of process verification by the process engineer in the customer standard format. The Process Engineer with assistance from the PM / PE team will line up the estimating team for any changes that occur during process verification. Once Process verification is complete the project engineer will assume this responsibility. • Robot Simulation will be completed as required for areas of concern (mainly GEO tools) only. This task and studies will be coordinated and or completed by the process engineer. Once these areas are stabilized the process engineer is responsible to hand this off to the robot simulation department for completion and maintenance. • Weld & Weldgun Matrix will be generated in the standard format for welds that were identified in the areas of concern robot simulation studies by the process engineer. When the robot simulation is handed off to the simulation department the weld gun matrix will be handed off to the joining group • Robot Matrix, Process Engineer to generate the initial  standard robot matrix. The customer specific matrix is to be filled out and maintained by the project team. Once the standard matrix is started it will be handed off to the robot simulation group while the robot simulation studies are handed off. • Weld Graphic sheets will be filled out by the process engineer for the high-risk stations prior to hand off to the simulation and joining group. Once the hand off is complete the joining group will assume responsibility for the graphic sheets. Understands and follows safety & environmental regulations and identifies safety/environmental concerns. Adheres to the Quality System and participates in continuous improvement. Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form."

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