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Hackettstown, New Jersey
Job Description: Temp to Hire (based on performance/business needs)?: Yes

Work Schedule: 1st shift (6:00am-2:00pm + OT OR 7:00am-3:30pm + OT. OT will traditionally include two Saturdays a month and occasional Sundays. May also be completed before or after the noted shift on M-F)

Pay Rate: $14.00/hr

Position Summary

Assemble and perform high voltage electrical/mechanical tests according to IEEE/ANSI standards, product drawings and work instructions, on single and multi-phase high voltage solid dielectric vacuum switches and controls. Utilize high voltage equipment, specialized and standardized tools. Interpret production drawings and work instructions, which include wire schematics, outlines, BOM’s and wire diagrams. Utilize internal operating systems to access drawings and files.

Specific Responsibilities

• Ensure equipment/instrumentation has current calibration.

• Acquire instruction sheets, product drawings, mating parts, shipping containers and hardware for production needs.

• Assemble products per work instructions and drawings. Be able to identify rework mating parts as needed.

• Perform electrical and mechanical tests on products. Record test information & troubleshoot when necessary.

• Interact with others to maintain efficient operation.

• Set up as required fixtures for assembly, mechanical, electrical, and leak tests.

• Wire using electrical DWG’s all Switch Gear switches.

• Pack to bill of material and audit shipments.

• Have computer skills to perform fault interrupter programming, control box, testing, retrieval of product drawings and work instructions. Maintain KBM data integrity.

• Assist supervisor in maintaining quality, production standards, and housekeeping.

• Maintain production records and associated paperwork.

• Maintain company quality and production standards.

• Observe company policies and regulations.

• Report unusual conditions to supervisor or designated individual.

• Perform, as assigned, other similar or related duties.


• High School Diploma or equivalent is required.

• Proficient with tools such as impact wrench, socket set, wrenches, screw drivers, multimeters, impact guns, and hydraulic/battery operated power tools, etc.

• Able to read mechanical drawings and follow steps.

• Manufacturing/electromechanical assembly background is strongly preferred. Previous experience verifying mechanical aptitude is required.

• Able to lift to 40lbs. Able to complete 8-hour shift from a standing position.

Additional Details

• Individuals who are transitioned from contract positions into employee positions will receive a $500 bonus upon conversion.

• For this role, there is an immediate rate increase to $14.64/hr after an individual is transitioned into an employee role.

PLEASE NOTE TO APPLICANTS: A majority of the production area is not temperature controlled, and thus may become hot during summer months or with via conductive heating from the machinery.


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