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Senatobia, Mississippi
Job Overview: The pipe joint operator will be working in the pipe joint workshop on pipe joint fabrication projects for the production facility. They will utilize provided drawings and materials to execute the project builds, occasionally helping to problem-solve issues with designs and builds with the engineers. They will also have to verify pipe joint orders that come in from vendors, put material away, and provide the inventory of parts to complete purchase order to the area lead as confirmation that the order has been received. The pipe joint operator will work on a team in order to execute these projects on-time and on-budget.
Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Develop a mastery of working with pipe joint materials and tools, including but not limited to:
    • Pipe material
    • Joints for connecting pipe material
    • Pipe material accessories (wheels, feet, supports, brackets, etc.)
    • Decking and foam
    • Drills and screwdrivers
    • Saws
  • Fabricate pipe joint assemblies per the lead/scheduler’s direction
  • Occasionally perform repair work or make adjustments to existing pipe joint structures
  • Discuss issues with engineer(s) and help problem solve when requested
  • Ensure that the pipe joint workshop inventory is maintained so that there is enough material to complete required projects and alert the lead/scheduler if material levels are getting low
  • Meet deadlines and expectations set by lead/scheduler
  • Show up to work on-time and be present and on-task at all times once at work
  • Self-starter
  • Skills with hands-on activities, especially in fabrication
  • Experience with power tools, saws, mills, and similar powered equipment
  • Ability to lift and maneuver large pieces of material into an assembled unit
  • Ability to problem solve and suggest solutions upon request
  • Ability to work efficiently and meet expectations with limited supervision
  • Ability to work with a team
  • Basic communication skills
  • Ability to adapt to changes in work or schedule

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