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Simulation Engineer

Southfield, Michigan

his opening is for a Senior Process Simulation Designer Operator with Tooling fixture Body Shop background with (GM) Siemens Process Simulate software experience.

Currently has a hybrid work model: Days are between home and office (subject to change). 
Mon & Friday; remote, Tues – Wed – Thurs;ce.

We ask that you DO NOT submit Product Designers or Engineers.

The following Key Words / Phrases are samples of Product Designers and what to look for:

  • Sheetmetal Design
  • Plastic injection mold
  • Manufacturing Engineer developing and validating, electrified propulsion and automatic transmission Components and systems.
  • HVAC systems with Plenums, Actuator driven mechanics
  • Design axle assemblies, suspension components
  • Tank shields, Design of metal and plastic windshield wiper components
  • Molded parts specialist, parts designed include moldings, fender vents, front grilles.
  • Design (3D) and detail (2D) Emission control systems

Required Qualifications: Knowledge & Skills:

 Required Skills:

  • Process Simulate Designer Operator I / for Body Shop Tooling of Body in White Assembly
    • Approximately 4 to 5+ years of experience and some type of formal simulation program
    • Ability to travel (5-20%) for project needs, may be require for technical support
  • Proficient in Siemens Process Simulation Software as an Operator/Designer
  • Strong understanding of Mechanical Design tooling fixture of BIW systems. Knowledge of auto assembly strategies (i.e. part flow within an assembly plant / body shop).

Duties and Responsibilities

(These are the positions essential duties and is not an all-inclusive list)

Main areas of responsibilities:

  • Feasibility study and process engineering
    • Define the Robotics and Human operation in the 3D environment.
  • Equipment selection (robots, conveyors, tool, etc.) & placement of equipment.
  • Tool validation to check feasibility.
  • Develop 3D layout for the robotic simulation.
  • Develop reach studies and paths with customer required spec/attributes.
  • Preparing 3D models using CAD software’s
  • Develop kinematics of 3D models and weld guns
  • Weld/Joint distribution, gun selection, gun sectioning,
  • Technology process path distribution (sealing, arc weld, …)
  • Validation of processes in work cells / stations
    • Simulate Robot moves to verify cycle time, reachability, and feasibility.
    • Ensure compliance with safety and ergonomic regulations.
    • Whole Sim cell cycle time, verified with RSC and correct tooling / controls sequence.
    • Develop off-line complete robot programs with multiple robot brands (Comau, Kuka, ABB, Fanuc…).
    • Validate the cycle time of each station/line. Optimize robot programs and find solutions in case of cycle time issues.
  • Development of robot OLP’s to verify reachability of all process and service position.
  • Develop robot programs using teach pendant of the major robot brands.
  • Download a complete offline robot program. In native Robot language.
  • Configure Robot Controller Simulation (RCS) in the simulation software.
  • Validate the cycle time defined in the cycle diagrams.
  • Generate a precise evaluation of the cycle time through a detailed cycle simulation.
  • Optimize weld distribution to improve the cycle time.
  • Apply robot signal logic with SW and VC team.
  • Interacting with stakeholder (Customers, System Engineer, project team) to get project input details.
  • Development according to customer prescribed documentation and specification.
  • Support Reviews with Customer.
  • Development of technical documentation for the projects executed.
  • Run Swept Volumes for Robot per Customer Requirements.
  • Verify the feasibility of solutions and processes. Find and solve issues before the manufacturing phase.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Feasibility study
  • Line Layout planning
  • Basics of Robot application
  • Safety standards Customer, OSHA, NIOSH
  • Good understanding of IO, transfer of information between Robot and PLC
  • Mechanical understanding of industrial equipment and machinery
  • Demonstrated ability to solve engineering problems.
  • Good understanding of robot program flow and basic programming theories and languages
  • Experience in at least one of the major 3D Modeling tools (NX, Catia, Solidworks, others…) and the ability to quickly self-learn any of the remaining.
  • Experience in at least one of the major 3D Simulation tools (Process Simulate, Delmia, Robcad, others…) and the ability to quickly self-learnany of the remaining.
    Proficient with at least one or more of major product/brand (Comau, ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Motoman, Kawasaki, other…).
  • May be required to retrieve backups from production robots and extract relevant information or upload programs to simulation tools with minimal support. Required to develop OLP programs from simulations and ensure that they work in actual robots with minimal support.
  • Hands on experience processing for at least one or more of the Automation technology processes
    (Spot Welding, Arc Welding, Sealer/Dispense, Riveting, Palletization, Robotic Material, Handling, Paint, …)
  • Ability to create well-written, concise technical reports discussing project results as well as create professional documents/videos from simulations that illustrate concepts.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office tool (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, …) or equivalent tool for word processing, calculation, presentation

Behavioral Competencies

  • Leadership and Site Support experience
  • Identifies and analyses information to make decisions and solve problems. Proficient

Software Required:

Process Simulate (siemens)
NX & AutoCAD
Microsoft (Excel)

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